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Get Involved - National Child Protection Week 2022

National Child Protection Week

4-10 September 2022

Welcome to the campaign for 2022.

In 2022, National Child Protection Week will continue to embrace the overarching message that ‘Every child, in every community, needs a fair go’.

In particular, this year we will be shining a light on children growing up safe and supported.

Children and young people thrive when they grow up safe, connected and supported in their family, community and culture.

They have the right to grow up in environments that support them according to their needs, now and into the future.

This year let’s talk about how we create a supportive environment for every child.

National Child Protection Week will be looking at what works to keep children safe and supported… what children are telling us… what families are telling us… what the evidence is telling us… and how to translate this knowledge into action.

We know that too many children are not growing up safe and supported and that Child Protection systems are overloaded. There are many opportunities to change the trajectory for these children.

We can stop child abuse and neglect – and reduce its impact – by working together to make sure every child in every community has a fair go.

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Week-long webinar series

This year’s National Child Protection Week webinar series will be been carefully designed to support conversations about how we make sure every child grows up safe and supported.

More information about the webinar series will be available mid-2022.

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Learn more about the words behind this year’s theme

Find out how the Core Story for Early Childhood Development and Learning research can help you frame your communication so we engage families and communities.

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Child abuse and neglect is a very challenging topic. If you need more information about how to get support for yourself or others, you can find a list of services on NAPCAN’s Support Page.