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Children’s Week

23 - 31 October 2021

Children’s Week is a national celebration of children’s rights, talents and citizenship held on the fourth Wednesday of October in Australia to coincide with Universal Children’s Day. Each year the theme of Children’s Week highlights a particular Children’s Right.

The Theme for 2021 is Article 15 – ‘Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.”

This includes being free to:

  • meet individual people and groups of friends
  • set up an organisation
  • join an organisation
  • take part in peaceful protest
  • come together to discuss the issues that affect their lives.

Children’s Week 2021 is a wonderful opportunity to promote the rights of children and young people, and to celebrate their capacity to actively contribute to the world around them.

Want to get involved with Children’s Week?

Children’s Week is run by different organisations in each state and territory and many of these have their own websites. To link to information about Children’s Week in your state or territory go to the national Children’s Week website. NAPCAN coordinates Children’s Week in the Northern Territory(see this page) and is also a member of the Queensland Children’s Week Committee.

Organise, join or register an event



Download the Children's Rights Activity

Children and young people learn and grow when they can choose their own friends, set up or join groups, come together to have their say, and have adults who help them to connect safely.

We’ve created the Children’s Rights Activity to to invite children and young people to tell us about ways they connect with others, and why this is important to them. Download the Children’s Rights Activity.

Children's Rights Activity

  • Did you plan an activity? Talk about an issue? Set up a group? Do something fun together?
  • I understand that by submitting my Children's Rights Activity, I give permission for NAPCAN to use the information I have provided on their website, social media and Children’s Week displays.

Download the Children's Voices Activity

The aim of this activity is to provide a simple tool to help community organisations and groups to start listening to, and acting on, the views of children and young people.

Importantly, it’s not just about listening, but actually doing something – and keeping children involved and informed as much as possible.

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NAPCAN's involvement in Children's Week

In addition to supporting Children’s Week at the national level, NAPCAN is directly involved at the state and territory level in:

  • Northern Territory – NAPCAN coordinates Children’s Week and is a member of the Children’s Week Council of Australia. For more information about Children’s Week in the NT visit NAPCAN’s NT Children’s Week page.
  • Queensland – NAPCAN is a member of the state Children’s Week Committee. For more information see the Queensland Children’s Week website.