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Get involved - tips for staff events and professional development

National Child Protection Week 3 - 9 September 2023

Get Involved > Tips for staff events and professional development

National Child Protection Week starts on Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September, with the aim of engaging all members of the community in supporting families and protecting children.


National Child Protection Week is a great opportunity for staff professional development. 

There are lots of forms that this can take, from formal and structured learning, to more casual conversations. Below are some ideas and resources to get you started.

  • Encourage staff to download and sign the Play Your Part Commitment Statement.
  • Include an article about National Child Protection Week in your staff newsletter.
  • Add a regular agenda item to your team meeting where you can discuss ways that people are working to put the needs of children first, or raise concerns.
  • Check the NAPCAN Training Calendar for workshops in your area about Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect or Creating Child Safe Organisations. Or request a quote for a workshop for your organisation.
  • Use the information below to organise a Lunch Box Series for informal learning during the week. Ask everyone to bring their lunch and take time out to talk about child wellbeing. Topic ideas include:

New research about how we talk about parenting: 

Research from the Frameworks Institute US and Parenting Research Centre (PRC) tells us that the way we talk to parents, and about parenting, can affect outcomes for children.

The user-friendly Toolkit is a great place to start if you want to introduce this information to your staff. Invite staff look at the Navigating Waters: Talking About Parenting Toolkit beforehand. Maybe print out copies of the ‘Avoid & Advance’ Table for all staff.

Conversation starters include:

  • How does our current messaging stack up?
  • How can we turn our messages around to make sure children are put first?
  • How can we introduce the navigating waters metaphors into our communication) e.g. Parenting is like sailing a boat and we all experience bad weather from time to time. Services can be like lighthouses and safe harbours for families.
  • Are we currently communicating in ways that might turn parents off (e.g. focusing on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parenting instead of the development needs of children)

Child Safe Organisations: 

Use the website – https://childsafe.humanrights.gov.au/ –  to find resources to start a discussion. i.e. watch the video together, download a copy of the National Principles for everyone.

Then as a group discuss the importance of becoming a Child Safe Organisation. Conversation starters include:

  • Are staff members aware of the National Principles?
  • Go through the National Principles and talk about ways that your organisation is implementing them.
  • Ask staff if there are areas where they have particular concerns for the safety of children or where they think more could be done?
  • How can you better include the voices & opinions of children & families in your work?