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Get involved - Tips for educators

National Child Protection Week 1-7 September 2019

Get Involved > Activity ideas for educators

In addition to the promotional suggestions on our Get Involved page, you may like to:

  • Organise an event e.g. morning tea, information evening, or family fun day during the week (don’t forget to register your event on our website). When you bring families together you help to build the social connections that support parents.
  • Download our colouring sheets and use them for a display. Invite parents and/or members of the community to see a display of the children’s work.


  • Use our Children’s Voices resources to find out what children value in their community and what they would like to change. Display these in a prominent place, or consider sharing the outcomes with your local Councillor so they can see what children want. Maybe they could display the pictures in their office to highlight the importance of children having a say.
  • Use the week as an opportunity to talk to staff about child wellbeing including how to be a child safe organisation. Go to https://childsafe.humanrights.gov.au/ for more information.
  • Invite an MP to visit your early childhood centre. The first week of September is also Early Learning Matters Week and they are helping to organise MP visits for every early learning centre – don’t miss out! https://www.everyonebenefits.org.au/register_for_early_learning_matters_week_visits