Northern Territory Prevention Alliance

The Northern Territory Prevention Alliance (NTPA) was formed in 2019, and has since been remodelled to maximise opportunities for Territory-wide action. It is made up of executive-level representatives from key agencies with responsibilities across the Northern Territory for the provision of primary prevention, safety and wellbeing services to communities, families, children and young people. The Alliance provides a means of engaging government, corporate and non-government sectors in promoting the value of wellbeing and the prevention of child abuse and neglect in a consistent and effective way to the broader community.

Together, we aim to build on strengths, find and fill gaps and choose the right people for the right tasks – through focusing on the following five anchors.

Core focus areas

The following themes have been identified as priorities:

  1. Adopting a true primary prevention focus – defining what it looks like
  2. Avoiding duplication of services/initiatives – being mindful not to replicate through creating a combined strategy by mapping collective strengths
  3. Moving beyond safety – looking further towards overall wellbeing for children, families and communities
  4. Valuing and amplifying the voices of children and young people
  5. Developing and promoting the benefits of a common ‘prevention’ language
  6. Community campaigns – getting public messaging/awareness right
  7. Integrating with established community approaches – formal and informal approaches
  8. Broadening the scope of work – importance of corporate engagement
  9. Focus on effective community communication and engagement strategies – real stories help real engagement
  10. Valuing diversity and inclusivity – Importance of culturally inclusive processes
  11. Being realistic about scale and cost
  12. Challenging each other and building together
  13. Child Rights focus – children’s rights always the backbone to all approaches
  14. Where does the Alliance have value across the continuum?
  15. Clarity of overall purpose – all children are safe, thriving, valued and with opportunities. 

Who is involved with the alliance?

Secretariat functions (undertaken by NAPCAN):

  • Calendar invitations/date claimers
  • Drafting meeting agenda
  • Minutes/actions for meetings
  • Contact point for correspondence and records


Chair functions (undertaken by Megan Mitchell AM):

  • Chair the meetings to ensure the agenda is managed
  • Manage contributions to ensure all members have opportunity to contribute

Guiding Documents

The Alliance endorses the key prevention and early intervention recommendations from the following documents:

  • Play Your Part: NAPCAN’s Framework for Creating a Child Safe, Child Friendly Australia
  • Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT
  • Safe and Supported: the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2021 – 2031
  • Safe, Thriving and Connected: Generational Change for Children and Families
  • Starting Early for a Better Future 2018 – 2028
  • Growing Them Strong, Together Board of Inquiry into the Child Protection System in the Northern Territory 2010

Meeting Notes

November 2023 Meeting – Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS), and Menzies Centre for Child Development and Education research and linked data sets


June 2023 Meeting – Issues of concern to young people in the Mparntwe/Alice Springs region, including effects of media reporting

  • Communique
  • Justice Reform Initiative – ‘Alternatives to Incarceration in the Northern Territory’ – Full Report and Highlights Paper
  • Yourtown’s My Circle – a free, private, safe and confidential social platform for 12-25-year-olds across Australia, supported by Kids Helpline counsellors


February 2023 Meeting – Social Order Response in Alice Springs and Darwin Northern Suburbs, and presentation by Children’s Ground


September 2022 Meeting 


May 2022


February 2022


October 2021


May 2021

NTPA Created Resources

The NTPA believes that language is important. In particular, community attitudes are impacted by the words and phrases we use, the way we ‘frame’ issues, and how children and young people are portrayed in the media.

This has resulted in the creation of the following guides. The Media Guide is designed to support people working in the media to create a more balanced and constructive story about young people. The Message Guides go into more detail about key topics of interest to the NTPA; they will also be useful for the media, but are particularly designed for people working with children and young people to support us in our own communication (and in responding to media requests).

The guides are currently being reviewed by members of the NTPA and other key stakeholders before finalisation.

Click on the images below to download copies.

For more information about the NTPA, including applications to join the Alliance, please contact:

Meron Looney
0411 737 630 | PO Box 828 Nightcliff NT 0814
Executive Secretariat – NTPA