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National Child Protection Week Pledge M-R

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Raina's Family Day Care Scheme Pty Ltd

Raina’s Family Day Care Scheme pledge to uphold the rights of the child and to advocate for safe and secure environments for children in FDC.

Rainbow Station Early Education Centre

We pledge to do everything in our power to keep children safe. We promise to stand up for children, be their voice and give them the support they need.

Mountains Outreach Community Service

MOCS will work with other local organisations to promote Child Protection Week and deliver a community engagement activity in the
Blue Mountains NSW

New England Family Support Service

We are support all families in the New England, ensuring the health, safety and stability for our children and community.


For every child to get the best start in life!

NSW Health

Our Purpose: Why – Healthy people; What – Early intervention, Integrated care; Outcomes – Better outcomes for children and families within ISLHD

Palmerston and Regional Basketball Association

PaRBA pledges to continue to provide a safe, active and engaging program. To ensure the youth voice is at the centre of all our programs.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Inc)

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Inc) pledges to promote Childsafe Principles and advocate for young people at risk.

Peace of Mind Family Day Care

We proudly support the importance of protecting the rights & safety of children. We pledge to continue this through our everyday work with children.

PB West

We will host the PB West Child Protection Week Challenge, providing opportunities to bring the messages of child protection into homes & communities.

New Start Early Learning Centre

We increase awareness in our local community by sharing resources and information to promote children’s safety and wellbeing.

Playschool Kindergarten Early Learning - Elanora

Playschool Kindergarten is committed to creating safe learning environments for all children and promote children’s safety through sharing resource’s.

Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA)

We’ll be sharing and practicing the message of child protection in 150 local Neighbourhood and Community centres across Queensland.

Relationships Australia Northern Territory

We pledge to promote the importance of children’s safety to our community, clients and staff and to continue our commitment to safeguarding children.

National Zakat Foundation Australia

At NZF, we recognise the critical role children play in shaping the future of our community. Keeping them safe is the bare minimum obligation we have upon them. We are committed to providing children in need, not only with safety, but with an environment in which they can grow up being happy and one that can empower them to be successful.

Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS)

NTCOSS supports National Child Protection Week, and will promote key messages and event. We all have a role to play in keeping children safe.

Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

The Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is pleased to support National Child Protection Week and encourage everyone to play their part to keep children safe.


pixevety will champion and support NAPCAN and the pledge to help child-safe organisations strengthen their child image protection practices.

Relationships Australia NSW

RANSW pledges to advocate children’s protection & participation, believing together we are responsible for safeguarding our children and young people.

Poynting Consulting & Advisory

We’ll support NCPW by promoting the key messages & themes. We’ll continue to advocate for valuing children & child safe environments to prevent abuse.

Office for Safeguarding Services - Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane

We’ll support NCPW by distributing awareness raising resources about respecting & protecting children to parishes, ministries & communities.

Parents on a Mission

We pledge to participate in an interview about Leanne’s Gift, an information pack created to guide clients through the Qld Child Protection system.

Mother Duck Childcare and Preschool Centre Lawnton

This year for child protection week we will be spreading awareness amongst our community. 

Relationships Australia South Australia

Together4Kids is launching the new The Garden Dyad Program to strengthen the relationship between parents and their infants/toddlers.

People Against Intentional Neglect P.A.I.N.

Our Pledge is to make Child Abuse Prevention Our Daily Priority.

Only For Me

Only For Me pledges to giveaway 50 free copies in 50 days, of its best selling picture book to help empower & protect children against sexual abuse.


We pledge to advocate to families and to continue to protect the rights and safety of all children each and every day!


We pledge to advocate to families and children and to continue to protect the rights and safety of young children each and everyday!

Mountains Outreach Community Service

Promote information on Facebook , send short article and kids pictures to local schools, help hold an information stall at community markets.

Playgroup NT

To support the Playgroup Village by sharing the NCPW Campaign messages and resources with families and communities to create child safe environments.

Opportunity Child

OC is committed to play our part by supporting 14 communities across Australia with their aspirations to ensure all their young children are thriving.

MADEC Australia

Training around recognising child abuse and neglect and delivery of Child Safe Environments training.


Redkite proudly supports National Child Protection Week by sharing resources and information to our staff, volunteers, supporters and families

Project Rescue Children

We promote awareness on child safety both online and in reality to all communities including Indigenous Communities.

My Stepping Stones Coogee

We pledge to offer a safe, open environment for families to engage in conversations, and access resources that inform them about Child Protection.

My Food Allergy Friends

Helping to keep kids safe through advocacy, education, our allergy workshops and resources. Creating safer environments, inclusion, reducing bullying.

Paint the Town REaD Ltd

On behalf of our 80 community groups we pledge to continue creating safe and supported opportunities for families to enjoy reading together.

Mission Australia Albury

We pledge to make child safety and protection our core business everyday. We will advocate for the safety and rights of all children.

Maclagan Windermere Kindergarten

We advocate for the health, safety & well-being of children in our community, & pledge our support towards helping parents navigate “choppy waters”.

Playgroup Australia

We support the 2019 theme, “Kids thrive when parents are supported” by strengthening families to create a safe haven village at playgroup.

One Tree Community Services

One Tree pledge to put the well-being, safety and protection of all children first – always.

Red Rose Foundation

Red Rose Foundation will always listen to, believe and speak out for children to ensure their rights to safety and protection.

Rotary Club of Ballina-on-Richmond

As Rotarians, we are committed to children’s safety and wellbeing. In ‘putting children first’ our pledge is to protect children within our community.

MyFirstGym Enoggera

We proudly support National Child Protection Week and will continue our commitment to safeguarding children and promoting children’s safety.

Play Child Care and Kindergarten

Play CC&K pledges to always put children first and to prioritise their safety and wellbeing at all times.

Renata's Family Day Care

Renata’s FDC will be attending the webinars on offer throughout National Child Protection Week and further engaging with social media community.

North Queensland Women's Legal Service

Supporting National Child Protection Week by working with local schools and community groups to deliver respectful relationships education workshops.

River School Early Childhood Centre

The River School Early Childhood Centre respects the rights and privileges that children have towards their safety and security at all times.


We are proud to support National Child Protection Week with the pledge to provide safe environments for all our little champs.

Montessori Academy

Montessori Academy pledge to uphold and protect all children’s right and to be advocates for children’s voices.

Moonee Valley City Council

We are committed to the protection of children and young people from harm/abuse when they interact with us, visit our facilities and use our services.

Peninsula Floorball Club

PFC is commitment to Inspiring children and young people to be more than they believe they could be. Creating a Fun and Healthy sporting environment.

Mind Blank Ltd

Mind Blank makes a pledge to promote children’s safety and wellbeing as part of Child Protection Week, and as part of our ongoing community impact.

Operation Sunshine WA

Operation Sunshine WA pledge to support National Child Protection Week with promotion and publicity through social media.

NOFASD Australia

We will be supporting National Child Protection Week. Early intervention and prevention are key to raising awareness & protecting families.

Nido Early School Kensington Park

We pledge to work alongside children, families and community to embed child’s voice in all aspects of practice and achieve respectful relationships.

Pop-Up Community Care

Child protection really is a community responsibility, we will continue to promote this vital work within our team and community.

Mitchell Shire Council

Mitchell Shire Council is committed to the safety, participation, and empowerment of all children and young people to reach their full potential.

Muslim Women Australia

Through our inclusive support services and programs, MWA affirms it’s commitment to support and empower families to help children be safe and thrive.

Ronald McDonald House Charities North Australia

At RMHC North Australia we are committed to safeguarding children and young people in our programs and ensuring that they are safe at all times.

Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service

Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in our Community, by creating Opportunities through Action and Change.

Mossman Elders Justice Group

Mossman Elders Justice Group is committed to promote the importance of children’s safety to our community through our work with children and families.


Ngala is committed to creating a child safe organisation that promotes and protects the safety and well-being of children and young people.

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Triple P – For Every Family – proudly supports National Child Protection Week. We can all help create a positive, supportive parenting community!


We will continue to endeavor to ensure that every child has the best start in life!

Midland Women's Health Care Place Inc.

To create a welcoming and safe environment which supports mums, grandmothers, carers and family members to better support their children.

Paint the Town REaD Ltd

We fully support National Child Protection Week and the right of every Australian child to safety and literacy in their homes and communities.

Marist-Sion College

We pledge to foster the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of children and young people, providing them with a safe, supportive environment.

Queensland Police - Citizens Youth Welfare Association

Where children’s health, safety and wellbeing are prioritised and promoted.

Regional Sport Victoria

At Regional Sport Victoria we are committed to engaging young people as designers, deliverers and participants of our community.

Queensland Childcare Services

QCCS pledge to provide support by putting children first to ensure their safety and well being needs are met.

Regional Youth Support Services Inc.

We will continue supporting young people by providing opportunities to increase independence, build valuable life skills & engage with community.

Parents on a Mission

I am meeting with members to discuss the barriers to stakeholders working together and solutions to overcome these barriers.

Rise and Shine Debating

We continue to teach junior school students to speak up for themselves. By coaching students to work in teams we build confidence.


PAEDS commits to ensuring that the needs and rights of children no matter their age, is respected and valued via education and social platforms.

Redbank Plains Early Education Centre and Preschool

We pledge to support our community and families by creating a safe environment for all children of all ages.

Parramatta Women's Shelter

We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for children and strive every day to give children a voice.

National Office for Child Safety

We pledge to continue leading national policies and strategies to promote and enhance children’s safety and prevent future harm to children.

Mykindy at Victory College

Mykindy at Victory College pledges to provide an environment where children and their families feel heard and truly cared for.

Raising Stars Early Learning Centre

We pledge to support the National Child Protection Week by advocating the children’s rights to a safe, secure, and caring environment.

PMSA - Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association

The PMSA and our four outstanding schools pledge to create safe spaces for children to learn, where they are valued and their voices are heard.

Possums Corner Childcare

We support Child Protection Week by promoting the wellbeing, safety, and sense of belonging for children in our care.

Queensford College RTO

Queensford College pledges to advocate the rights of children by contributing to the education and training of future Early Childhood Educators.

Playgroup NSW

Playgroup NSW pledge to raise awareness and offer access to resources that assist parents and carers to protect and put children first.

Only About Children Alexandria

At Oac Alexandria we will be sharing information and resources with our families and children to increase awareness of child protection.

NDIS Network

At NDIS Network we promise to shine a light on child rights and promote their safety, welfare and wellbeing.

Only About Children Maroubra

Promoting awareness within our community by holding a Bravehearts White Balloon Day at our campus. Sharing resources and information to families.

Playgroup Queensland

Playgroup Queensland is committed to connecting children, families and communities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children.

Mudgee Little Learners

Mudgee Little Learners Early Learning Centre pledge to promote a child safe culture where children are valued and where each child has a voice.

Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation

Mudgin-gal means Aboriginal Women’s Place. Our pledge is to instill cultural pride and identity within a safe and nurturing environment.

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