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National Child Protection Week Pledge A-F

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ECTARC Early Childhood Training and Professional Development

ECTARC will continue to offer professional development opportunities to early childhood educators during Child Protection week and throughout the year

eSafety Commissioner

We’ll be supporting with free webinars for parents and carers & virtual classrooms for primary students to give them the tools to stay safe online.


Fams pledges to help keep vulnerable children and families safe across NSW.

Banyule Community Health

We will be promoting the National Child Protection Week by sharing information on child safety through our services and social media.

Cumberland Multicultural Community Services

CMCS will be engaging with our communities to emphasise the importance of protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of children.

Discovery Early Learning Centres

Discovery Early Learning Centres is committed to an organisation wide culture of child safety, where children are empowered to recognise their rights.

Early Education inc. (EarlyEd)

EarlyEd pledges to continue to promote child protective practices in our community and organisation, as well as safeguard children in our service.

Eastwood Occasional Child Care Centre

EOCCC supports National Child Protection Week, by sharing resources and information to keep our children safe and to promote children’s wellbeing.

Building Futures Montessori

At BFM we educate and support our community; specifically our staff, families and children to recognise and respond to Child Protection matters.

Bundaberg Play Therapy

To give children a safe space to express themselves and process their experiences. To be accepting of all children and their journey.

Children's Educare

We advocate for children by teaching them and the community about safety and safe people and by fostering safe places for children to grow and learn.

Creative Kids ECC & OSHC

At Creative Kids we pledge a commitment to the promotion of child safety messages and ensuring all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope pledges to encourage churches around Australia to host events highlighting the need to protect and care for all children in Australia.

Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare

AWCH pledges to support National Child Protection week by sharing resources through social media and hosting a colouring competition for kids.

Bayside Early Learners

Bayside Early Learners pledges to provide safe environments that allow children the agency to have a voice in their community.

Boroondara Preschool

Boroondara Preschool pledges our commitment to provide a safe environment that protects children and supports families.

Amana Family Day Care

Amana Family Day Care will continue to promote and support the importance of Child Safe communities for all children.

B4 Early Years Coalition

B4 pledge is to ensure every child in Tasmania is cared for and nurtured through the early years, no matter what.

Bramble Bay Family Day Care

We pledge to continue to be advocates for children, promoting the wellbeing and safety of children in the work we do.

Central Australian Women's Legal Service Inc

CAWLS aspires for a future where all women and their children are safe, living with dignity and respect.

Baulkham Hills Family Day Care

We aim to promote Child Protection Week across all stakeholders through the use of posters, social media and engage in NAPCAN Training.

DiGii Social

DiGii Social pledges to provide better safeguarding for our vulnerable children by building skills and knowledge to protect them online.


Time in any way I can provide; online editorial; hands-on attendance and contribution

Engadine Kindy Castle

Kindy Castle supports NAPCAN! We pledge to be a child-safe organisation with our strengthened practices. We will also spread awareness.

CatholicCare NT

National Child Protection Week is a time to focus on children and how we can all be part of keeping them safe. CatholicCare NT proudly support NCPW.

Communities for Children Alice Springs

We will be supporting National Child Protection Week by sharing resources and supporting messaging throughout the community and on Social Media.

Anglican Schools Commission

Our Commitment: Creating environments for children and young people to thrive through shared responsibility and continuous improvement.


Centrecare will support National Child Protection Week by sharing resources and messaging on our Social Media, intranet and website.

Child Health Association Tasmania

Empower Tasmanian families to build healthy lives through advocacy, education, community connections and universal support programs, open to all.


Bravehearts is running the 23rd Annual White Balloon Day campaign, raising awareness and funds for the prevention of child sexual assault.

Central Coast Family Support Services Inc

CCFSS is committed to a safe world where difference is respected, learning is reciprocal and everyone has opportunity to reach their full potential.

Alannah and Madeline Foundation

We’ll be supporting National Child Protection Week by sharing social media posts and through national publicity.

ECW Professional Body

ECW will be supporting National Child Protection Week by involving NAPCAN in our events and sharing messages and resources about the campaign.

FAST Australia

FAST Australia will support parents with conversations and activities that seek to help children to grow up happy, feeling safe and successful.

Coast Shelter

Coast Shelter is working collaboratively with local schools and communities supporting National Child Protection Week.

Cereal for Coffee

We are supporting NAPCAN and the National Child Protection Week. This year’s theme is in line with our mission and we are proud to help promote it.

Emerging Minds

We’ll be supporting National Child Protection Week by sharing resources that support the workforce to better support parents, including resources to help parents in child-led, shared play. These activities support brain development and help create nurturing relationships that provide the foundations for positive social and emotional wellbeing in children.

Catholic Archdiocese of Perth

In partnership with CEO we will host our annual CPW Breakfast to raise awareness of our collective responsibility to safeguard all children.


We will be actively screening accreditations to ensure people are cleared to work with children.


Supporting National Child Protection week by promoting the rights and safety of children & young people through our training and work in the EC Sector


Children have the right to learn and explore, staying safe and being protected for a better future, healthy life style and positive community.

COOEE Indigenous Family and Community Education Centre

We pledge to continue to promote the importance of children’s safety through community networks, families and individuals; child safety is a priority.

Choices Family Day Care & Regional Choices FDC

Both Choices Family Day Care and Regional Choices Family Day Care will be supporting National Child Protection Week in many ways -social media + more

Fraser Coast Family Day Care

To continue our promotion & support to children, families & educators towards building safe communities throughout regular 2019 service projects.

Child Protection Party

Our mission is to effect change the child protection systems around Australia to ensure positive outcomes for all Australian children.

Flourish Community Solutions Ltd.

Flourish pledge to support NAPCAN through advocating for community & family empowerment and sharing key messages to promote child & family wellbeing.

ChildSafe Australia

To continue to fight to prevent harm and abuse of children, enabling trusted environments for children and creating safer environments for children.

Court Network

We will spread the National Child Protection Week message on social media and will share the information with volunteers at Children’s Court Victoria.

Community Support & Outreach Services Central Coast

We pledge to support the wellbeing and safety of our children by promoting awareness through social media, website and at our Narara Community Centre.

CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Service)

CAPS will be working with kids, parents, educators and community during this important week, advocating for the rights of kids.

The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited

C&K is committed to creating safe learning environments for all children by implementing the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope pledges to share information about Child Protection Week to foster and kinship carers and their communities.

Catholic Early EdCare

Every child has a right to be safe and protected from all forms of abuse, violence or exploitation. We are committed to providing safe environments.

CORE Community Services Preschool

We pledge to continue to create safe and supported environments for our children and families, making child safety and protection every day practices.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

CEDP is committed to listen to the voices of children and young people and remain vigilant to their safety and wellbeing.

Elanora Heights Community Preschool

We pledge to provide annual refresher training for staff during Child Protection Week to retain the necessary skills to keep children safe.


Not just this week, but every week, CommunityOSH will advocate for the rights of EVERY child to feel safe, secure, supported and cared for in our care

City of Melbourne

We ensure all children have a voice, their views are listened to and respected, and they contribute to how we plan, design and develop our city.

Dorset Early Learning & Kindergarten

We will continue to be advocates for all children and their rights to feel safe, we are committed to providing an environment where all children feel safe and secure and we are committed to providing all our educators with up to date Child Protection training.

Ashmore Community Children's Centre

We will continue to advocate for children during National Child Protection Week and promote this within our community and social network platforms.

Discovery Early Learning Centres

Child safety is the responsibility of everyone; we will be working closely with our communities to support the needs of families and children.

Churches of Christ in Queensland

A range of services for children and families, committed to ensure children and young people are safe and cared for in family, community and culture.

Elanora Heights Community Preschool

We pledge to promote the rights and safety of all children through social media posts and annual child protection training.

Carers NT

Carers NT are proud to support National Child Protection Week through displaying posters and sharing social media posts to help spread the message.

Diocese of Broken Bay Catholic Schools Office

DBB Schools celebrate this year with activities & events including: Liturgy (Inclusion & Care),e-Safety Masterclass & Forum for people with disability.

Backpacks 4 VIC Kids

Our vision: All children displaced have the resources they need. We pledge to continue providing material aid to children entering OOH care.

Alstonville Dance Studio

Alstonville Dance Studio – offers a safe inclusive creative space for all children of all ages, abilities + genders.

Australian Institute of Early Childhood Studies

AIECS recognizes that we all have a role to play in protecting children from harm and to support families to do the important job of raising children.

Caroline Chisholm Society

The Society pledges to engage with our supporters and promote kids do well when parents are supported.

Adelaide Private Investigators

At API, we pledge to play a proactive and reactive role in the protection of health and well-being of all children.

Angels of the Bay, Rosebery

We at Angels of the Bay, Rosebery will continue to advocate children’s rights; the right to survive, to be heard and to feel safe at all times.

Clovelly Child Care Centre

Clovelly Child Care Centre pledges to keep all children safe. Every child has rights and it is our responsibility to protect and promote those rights

Early Years Training & Consultancy

We will share information and resource links via social media and have conversations with our students about ways we can support children & families

AIFS Au Pair

We pledge to support families and the broader community to keep children safe, and promote the importance of children’s safety & well being.

Catholic Professional Standards Ltd (CPSL)

CPSL will share resources & messaging on social media to promote NCPW and child safeguarding. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

BABI Youth and Family Service

BABI Youth and Family will actively engage our community via social media promoting the message that ‘Kids do well when parents are supported’.

Fundamental Consultancy

At Fundamental we will offer training resources to Educators and families on our social media pages and website, to support Child Protection Week.

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn

CatholicCare will support National Child Protection Week through sharing information and helping to build safe harbours for families everyday.

Evergreen Early Education Centre

Evergreen embraces the 2019 Theme, ‘Kids do well when parents are supported’ through positive relationships with children and families.


Accoras is supporting National Child Protection Week with office morning teas, social media posts, and #ncpw19 staff activities

Chipping Norton Chargers Football Club

The Chipping Norton Football Club Community raised $1,000 to contribute to NAPCAN’s primary prevention activity.

Apollo Bay Child Care Services

To educate children and families attending our Service about indicators of abuse through stories and digital media.

Anglicare Central Queensland

AnglicareCQ pledges to raise awareness and support families, carers and staff to provide safe, caring environments so that kids can thrive.


We pledge to promote the importance of children’s safety to our community, customers and staff and to continue our commitment to safeguarding children

Every Child

The Every Child Campaign proudly supports National Child Protection Week and will continue to advocate for the rights of children and their families.

Bloombird Education

Bloombird Education pledge to Support National Child Protection week by promoting the rights of children.

Bright Stars Montessori Preschool

We undertake to broader awareness in our local community by sharing resources and information to promote children’s safety and wellbeing.

CREATE foundation

At CREATE, we are committed to ensuring that every child’s voice is heard in the out-of-home system to ensure continuous improvements at all levels.

Foster and Kinship Carers Association NT

FKCANT works to empower, support and represent volunteer carers who open their hearts and homes to children and young people who are in OoHC

Child Wise

This year, Child Wise will host a youth panel in order to provide a platform for youth to discuss issues that affect their wellbeing at the moment.

Devworkz Pty Ltd [Business Critical Solutions by Devworkz]

To better enable the ‘voice’ of children through child-centred health and complaint reporting

Baptist Care SA

Children and young people have a special place at Baptist Care SA. We will raise awareness and empower our staff to speak out about child safety.

Balgownie Early Learning Centre

We will be holding a fundraiser for White Balloon Day; raising awareness amongst our families, and completing numerous activities with the children.

eSafety Commissioner

We’ll be supporting by hosting free online safety webinars for parents and virtual classrooms for primary students to help them stay safe online.

Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation drives a collaborative national response to counter the exploitation of children.

Canterbury-Bankstown Council

We pledge to being a Child Safe Organisation and ensure that children’s voices, needs, priorities and rights remain at the heart of all that we do.


Baptcare proudly supports #NCPW2020 through evidence-based services to children, young people, foster carers and families in Victoria, Tasmania & SA.

Autism Queensland

Autism Queensland pledges to support National Child Protection Week and will share NAPCAN resources with our staff, clients and the wider community.


To support and empower every child.

Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre

We pledge to promote the importance of children’s safety to our community, clients and staff by sharing and promoting social media messages.

Alexandra Mooloolaba Community Kindergarten

Sharing resources with families & discussing with our little ones how to stay safe. Recapping our visit from ‘Ditto’ Bravehearts Mascot

Anglicare Southern Queensland

Anglicare Southern Queensland pledges to raise awareness of the rights of children during National Child Protection Week.

Community Activities Lake Macquarie Inc.

CALM Inc make a whole of organisation pledge to put children first in our practices and decision making. Every child deserves to feel and be safe!

Edmund Rice Education Australia

Edmund Rice Education Australia pledges an unwavering commitment to embedding a culture where the safety and wellbeing of children is paramount.

Concordia Lutheran College Hume Street Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten pledges to educate the children on the importance of using their voice and understanding that their voice has power!

Camp Australia

We pledge to always put children first, fostering their safety and wellbeing. Our engaging and nurturing experiences allow them to connect and grow.

Act for Kids

Act for Kids pledges to educate Australian’s that keeping children safe requires action from us all. Child protection is everyone’s business.

Adelaide University Rugby Union Football Club

We pledge to provide a safe and inclusive environment for the children and young people in our community to reach their potential in sport and in life.

Asthma Foundation NT

AFNT is proud to support National Child Protection Week through displaying posters and sharing social media posts to help spread the message.

Balance Early Education

We pledge to be proactive in educating and supporting others so that the health, safety and wellbeing of every child is a community priority.

Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

The Centre will be asking people what they will do in their everyday lives to make children visible, to keep them safe and to support them to thrive.

Early Childhood Expectations

To continue to educate and empower early childhood teams to be fierce advocates for children. To be their voice when they need it the most.

Cyber Safety Project

The Cyber Safety Project pledges to empower every young Australian to self manage their digital safety and wellbeing through proactive education.

Foundations Care

Foundations Care is committed to the protection and wellbeing of children and young people, and pledge to support NCPW through our online channels.


EN CASA is a movement that believes in a better world built from home and from each human inner being, where it all starts!

Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton

Student protection and wellbeing are paramount in our Catholic kindergartens, primary schools and colleges across our Diocese.

Cumberland Multicultural Community Services

We pledge to make the health, safety and wellbeing of children and families the focus of our service. We will assist children to learn and thrive.

Department for Child Protection South Australia

Working to keep SAs children safe by protecting them from abuse, harm and providing alternative care when living at home is no longer an option.


We will spread the word through our social media channels and to families at the centre and displaying posters and giving information packs to parents.

CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes

CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes is committed to the safety, wellbeing and welfare of all children #ccwf #puttingchildrenfirst

Emmerick Street Community Preschool

We pledge to weave teaching and learning about child protection into our curriculum throughout the year.

ECHO Youth and Family Services

ECHO Youth and Family Services is committed to child safety and will promote National Child Protection Week across the Eastern Dandenong Ranges.

Big Yellow Umbrella

We pledge to work with children and families to offer them support and information so they can make informed choices to keep them safe.

Bayside Early Learners

Bayside Early Learners pledges to do all we can to help keep children safe. We value children as an important part of our community.

Coast Christian School

Educating students about their rights and equpping them to live safely and responsibly.

Community Migrant Resource Centre

Children have the right to live and grow in an environment that is safe from harmful experiences. We help CALD parents build upon existing strengths.

EDON Place Domestic and Family Violence Centre Inc.

EDON Place pledges to provide an environment where children and young people can feel
safe to share their experience of domestic and family violence.

Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

We believe safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility and aim to create safe communities that promote the rights of children.

Early Childhood Australia NT Branch

Early Childhood Australia NT Branch pledge to create and maintain a safe, healthy and inclusive environment that supports children.

3 Steps Early Learning

We pledge to create an environment for children where they feel safe and loved, where they can be free and give them a voice so they’re always heard.

Family Spirit

Family Spirit will empower and support children and young people, their families and carers to keep kids safe.

Children's Safety Australia Inc.

We pledge to maximise children’s safety by promoting a better awareness of ‘people safety’, risks facing children and key safety messages.

Anglicare NT

Anglicare NT commits to keeping children and young people safe and connected to family and community. We will share resources, messages and advocacy.

Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited

We are committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing and participation of all children and young people is paramount.

Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) commits to sharing information via social media & reminding staff of their commitment to protect the children we support.


We are committed to providing a safe environment that encourages and supports children to be themselves while they learn and have fun in BMX.

ARC Social Research

ARC Social Research pledge to support National Child Protection Week by sharing knowledge, research and promoting the key themes on social media.

Foster Care Association of Victoria

We are committed to strengthening foster care so that our invaluable carers are supported to provide safe & loving homes to children & young people.

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT support child protection by providing Safe Church resources, training and support.


National Child Protection Week reinforces our aim to create strong, safe and inclusive communities. We pledge to continue ‘Putting Children First’.

Anchorage Early Learning

Anchorage pledges to be an ongoing advocate for children’s safety, and use communication platforms to share resources with the local community.

Body Safety Australia

We will be launching our services in Queensland in time for National Child Protection Week and to support organisations in becoming child safe.

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn

We pledge to encourage our staff to consider what role we take in prioritising the safety of children and take time to refresh our knowledge.

3 Bridges Community Penshurst

We, as educators, pledge to put value on each child, treat him/her with respect and dignity and make the child feel that he/she belongs.


At EACH, we’re committed to creating a child safe culture and maintaining child safe and child-friendly environments which enable children to thrive.

Clever Kids Early Learning Centre

Each day during Child Protection Week, Clever Kids ELC will share information and advice about child safety on our community Facebook page.

Centenary Christian Kindergarten

We pledge to share resources with our families and build children’s confidence in their own voice through stories and ideas that put the child first.


To create a positive future for children and families in our communities by providing opportunities in which they can enhance their quality of life.

Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania

Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania is committed to safeguarding children and young people.

Family Day Care Association Queensland

We pledge to support National Child Protection Week by providing resources and raising awareness of child protection within the FDC and IHC sectors.

Christian Elizabeth Early Learning Centre

We pledge to make children’s needs our top priority, we acknowledge that caring for children is a universal responsibility and privilege!

Family Life

Family Life’s vision is to enable children, young people and families to thrive. Offered through effective services, support and community connection.

Blacktown Area Community Centres Inc. (BACC)

We pledge to promote the importance of children’s safety and to continue to protect the rights and safety of children through our everyday work.

Edmund Rice Camps SA

We are committed to safeguarding children and young people. This week we will be using social media and training to raise awareness in our community.

Butterfly Garden Family Day Care

I pledge to continue educating children on personal safety and to keep valuing and listening to the voices of children. Children are valuable, always!

Cashmere Village Natural Learning Centre

We pledge to protect the rights and safety of all children. CVNLC supports Child Protection week and will promote the importance of children’s safety.

Cardinia Lakes Early Learning Centre

Our team at Cardinia Lakes ELC will continue to advocate for the rights of every child to feel safe, secure, supported and cared for.

2Connect Youth & Community

2Connect is committed to the safety & wellbeing of children & young people. We will share resources & information with children/youth/parents/teachers.

Central Coast Community Legal Centre

Central Coast CLC is working in partnership with local Aboriginal Health and Family Support services to improve outcomes for children.

Anchorage Early Learning

Anchorage Early Learning pledge’s to provide ongoing child protection education and information to all staff, families and the local community.

Axis Institute

Axis Institute is empowering future educators to nurture children so they always feel safe, secure and happy by protecting them from abuse and neglect.

Dashing Ducks Pre-School

We will support child protection week by sharing NAPCAN resources with our families & linking with our community. Together we will keep children safe.

Edmund Rice Camps Victoria

We are committed to safeguarding children and young people. This week we will be using social media and training to raise awareness in our community!

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