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NCPW 2016 Poster 2 JPEG

NAPCAN is happy to announce the release of the 2016 National Child Protection Week (4 to 10 September) posters, which can be downloaded here.

National Child Protection Week runs from the 4th – 10th September 2016. This year NAPCAN encourages you to continue to build on ‘Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business: Play Your Part’ by focussing on the theme ‘Stronger Communities, Safer Children’. This theme emphasises the importance and value of connected communities in keeping children and young people safe and well.

Communities in which children are seen and heard, where their participation is valued and where their families can get the support they need are stronger communities which contribute to keeping children safe and well.

The Stronger Communities, Safer Children poster illustrates this year’s theme with a drawing from Shannon Kassell from Dubbo College, Delroy Campus. Shannon said, “I did some drafts first to establish my ideas. Then I chose to make a picture of a child the centre of the poster message. The people surrounding the child represent all of the community coming together to protect all children, making sure all the regular places such as parks, schools and homes are safe. My picture shows people like a vet, an elderly person and students to name a few, because everyone is responsible for child protection.”

The Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business poster, demonstrates that to prevent child abuse and neglect we can all play a part. Employers, grandparents, parents and teachers/coaches are featured with advice on how to offer support to children and families.

To receive a copy of both posters please email: Ally Kodet-Moran (ally.kodet-moran@napcan.org.au) with the subject “NCPW Poster Order”. Make sure to include how many posters you would like and the mailing address.

Please spread the word about National Child Protection Week, for more information go to https://www.napcan.org.au/ncpw/.