7 Steps to Safety Workshop

7 Steps to Safety is a Territory-designed, flexible and child-friendly kit that aims to help families give their children the skills and confidence to feel, and be, safe at home.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention/Mandatory Reporting Workshop

This workshop covers essential knowledge for anyone who has anything to do with children and young people either indirectly or directly.

Child Safe Organisations - Briefing for leaders, management and board members

Essential information for leaders in organisations whose work concerns children or young people

Child Safe Organisations Workshop

A child safe organisation values children and is committed to treating their needs and their safety as the top priority. It means taking serious proactive steps to prevent physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect or any kind of harm. Child Safe Organisations move beyond safety and demonstrates a commitment to children's/young people's wellbeing.

Queensland Protective Behaviours Workshop

The protective behaviours program will equip Queensland regulated early childhood services with the information, tools and strategies to embed practices which are high quality and consistently prioritised within their environments so that all children are safe and supported. The program will also explore six bush animal stories designed to help children explore notions of being safe and feeling safe.

Reframing parenting to improve child wellbeing

Improving children’s outcomes means supporting parents, and we know how much parenting matters.

Safer Communities for Children Workshop

Safer Communities for Children is a kit that offers an inclusive, culturally safe, whole-of-community protective behaviours and respectful relationships approach, designed for young children aged around four (4) to eight (8) years.