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Don't miss the 6th National Child Protection Forum in Brisbane - June

  • Helen Fogarty
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NAPCAN is thrilled to be involved with the upcoming 6th National Child Protection Forum including presenting on our new Safer Communities for Children program. 

Please join us – along with 200+ attendees and 40+ speakers – in Brisbane in June.  


National Child Protection Forum 

Amplifying the voices of children and young people to shape Australia’s child protection system 

20-23 June 2023 | voco Brisbane City Centre 


200+ Attendees | 60+ Insightful Sessions | 40+ Speakers | 2+ Dedicated Streams 

The number of children receiving child protection services in Australia has continued to rise over the last 5 years. Numerous inquiries have concluded that failures in child protection services’ timely responses are due to many factors such as, demand at the front end of child protection services, families receiving too little too late in the form of intervention and a rising population of children in care coupled with lack of suitable placements.  

There are too many children that are not growing up safe and supported due to the child protection systems being overloaded. There are many opportunities to change the trajectory for these vulnerable children.  

Third Sector’s 6th National Child Protection Forum 2023 will focus on supporting and empowering children to have a voice in the delivery of services. This forum will accelerate the implementation of existing commitments made to children and advocate discussion between government, community services, legal and justice systems to provide strong policy and implementation of service delivery on protecting Australia’s children. 

Attend this forum and learn how to: 

  • Empower children and young people to collaborate and deliver services 
  • Demonstrate the benefits of collective action in achieving clear positive outcomes for children  
  • Develop a strategy to accelerate the implementation of existing commitments related to children   
  • Support children and young people that have experienced trauma  
  • Improve the cultural competency within child protection bodies to better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people