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Art Competition Submission 2022 – 3 Year Old Kindergarten Bambou ELC from Glen Waverley


This collaborative arts project, created by our Three Year Old Kindergarten community at Bambou ELC, uses mixed media to visually represent our community and neighbourhood. Photography, 3D construction, drawing, sculpture and painting have been used to model and map out places which are of significance to the children’s sense of wellbeing and safety. This work captures the perspectives of the children and their families’ and tells a narrative about which places in our community and neighbourhood we feel are important to us and that we are grateful for having. Many of the children created their Kinder and home and places that they enjoy visiting with their family including parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, shops, libraries and the city. The children’s sense of understanding about how their community and neighbourhoods are connected was extended through the time they spent coming together with their peers to arrange and geographically map out the places and activities they had created into a single model. Layers of places of individual significance to the children and families are interconnected by models of cars which are the main form of transport used among our community. These cars symbolically connect our individual and shared neighbourhoods into this representation of our community which reflects the children and our families’ sense of happiness, safety and wellbeing.