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Webinar Series Launched for National Child Protection Week

  • Helen Fogarty
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This year’s National Child Protection Week webinar series has been carefully designed to support the theme that ‘Every child, in every community, needs a fair go’.

In doing this, we have included a range of discussions that highlight some of the ‘big picture’ issues around child protection. These discussions will bring new dimensions to our collective thinking about how we keep children safe and well. 

This year’s week-long webinar series includes:

  • Offical launch: Every Child, in Every Community, Needs a Fair Go 
  • What does a community need for every child to thrive? 
  • Proud in Culture, Strong in Spirit 
  • Northern Territory webinar: What you can do together you can never do alone – Organisations working together for children and families
  • How can we ensure children and young people with disability receive a fair go? 
  • Queensland webinar: Every child and young person deserves to learn about what respectful relationships look like for them: how do we make this happen? 
  • Building communities that keep children safe from domestic and family violence 

To see the full webinar program and register today.

For the full list of ways to get involved with National Child Protection Week visit the Get Involved page.