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National Family Safety Summit - Perth

  • Helen Fogarty
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“Harnessing the agency of young people: how respectful relationships education can help to create safer communities, free from violence” is the title of the powerful presentation that NAPCAN’s Sarnia Ralston, Dr. Shireen Bernstein and Meron Looney will be presenting at the National Family Safety Summit in Perth (5-8 December 2023).

Third Sector’s National Family Safety Summit is a pivotal event dedicated to tackling the pressing issues of family and domestic violence and child abuse in Australia. Assembled under one roof are professionals, experts, policymakers, advocates and community members who are committed to creating a safer environment for families across the nation. This summit serves as a platform to foster collaboration, share innovative practices and drive transformative change in the sector.

Explore strategies to create a safer and more compassionate community, where every individual can thrive free from the shadows of violence and abuse.

If you’d like to join us – and 60+ amazing speakers – feel free to use VIP Code ‘NAPCAN1’ for a $400 discount.
Find out more >>>https://bit.ly/3LXLc2F