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Get involved - Tips for small businesses

National Child Protection Week 3 - 9 September 2023

Get Involved > Ideas for small businesses

Children thrive in communities that are friendly, safe and connected, and small businesses play an important part in creating these types of environments.  

If you’re a small business who is family-friendly and committed to the local community, National Child Protection Week is a great opportunity to show your support for families. 

In addition to the promotional suggestions on our Get Involved page, you may like to: 

  • Download and display the poster Small Business: Playing Our Part for Children, which was created in Queensland to celebrate the importance of small businesses in creating connected communities.
  • Download our Children’s Activities to hand out to children in your store. Having some activities for children can be a great way to show that you are child-focused and family-friendly.  Consider using these as the basis for a display during the first week of September.
  • If your business comes in contact with children and young people (as customers or employees) it’s important to understand your role in ensuring children are safe. National Child Protection Week is a great time to consider having some staff discussions about these topics or to organise staff development – see suggestions.

For general information about how to get involved with National Child Protection Week and to download the resources mentioned above, visit our Get Involved page

If you are interested in professional development on any of these topics, please see our training calendar for more information about our training and workshops. FREE workshops available in Queensland and the Northern Territory.