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Get involved - Tips for churches & faith-based organisations

National Child Protection Week 3 - 9 September 2023

Get Involved > Ideas for churches & faith-based organisations

Faith-based organisations play a really important role in creating the safe harbours that families need. You improve the lives of children every time you link families together, support parents who need a hand, adopt a child-safe culture for your organisation, and spread positive messages that value children. 

NAPCAN invites all faith-based organisations in Australia to support National Child Protection Week this September. 

In addition to the promotional suggestions on our Get Involved page, you may like to: 

  • Mention National Child Protection Week during your service. The following talking points are a great starting point:
  • This week is National Child Protection Week which is all about how we can work together to create great lives for Australia’s children. (You may also like to link to Father’s Day as the start of National Child Protection Week.)
  • Building connected communities that are great for children is a job for all of us. How can we all play our part? E.g. by being supportive of parents rather than judging, by getting involved in your local community, by taking time out to engage with children and to believe them, advocating for policies that give families the support they need.
  • Protecting children from abuse is a job for everyone in the community. We can all look out for children, believe them, speak up if something is unsafe, know the signs and risks for abuse, educate ourselves and our staff about how to create child safe organisations, have conversations with children and families about safety.
  • New research suggests that using a navigating waters metaphor is a great way to talk about parenting in a supportive way. The boat is like the family; and children do best when things are on an even keel. Rough water is like the challenges that can affect any family from time to time (e.g. stress from finances, health, work). The lighthouses and safe harbours are the things that support all parents so they can continue on their parenting journey without getting stuck in the storm (e.g. strong communities, affordable housing, health care, friends and family, schools, child care, playgroups, counselling). Learn more at http://frameworksinstitute.org/toolkits/parenting/

For general information about how to get involved with National Child Protection Week and to download the resources mentioned above, visit our Get Involved page

If you are interested in professional development on any of these topics, please see NAPCAN’s training calendar for more information about our training and workshops. Note that some FREE workshops are available in Queensland and the Northern Territory.