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eSafety FREE Virtual Classrooms as part of National Child Protection Week

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The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is offering free virtual classrooms as part of National Child Protection Week.

The “Cyberbullying and blackmail – how to speak up and stay safe” sessions support National Child Protection Week by helping students understand the part they can play in creating a safer online community for everyone.

The students will follow the story of a group of students as they navigate trust in online friendships and learn to respect the values and rights of others online.

This presentation will address Australian Curriculum outcomes, particularly in the area of Ethical Understandings. Students will:

  • examine values accepted and enacted within various communities
  • monitor consistency between rights and responsibilities when interacting face-to-face or through social media.

The session will run for approximately 40mins and will be held on the following dates:

VIC Dept of Ed
Tues 4 Sept 9:30-10:10am AEST
Thurs 6 Sept 9.30am-10.10am AEST
Registration link

ISDCN Independent Schools Network
Tues 4 Sept 11:00 – 11:40am AEST
Registration link

Anglican Schools
Tues 4 Sept 2:00pm – 2:40pm AEST
Registration link

ACT Dept of Ed
Wed 5 Sept, 10.00am-11.40am AEST

Catholic Education Network
Thurs 6th 12:00pm 12:40pm AEST
Registration link

NSW Dept of Ed
Mon 10 Sept 10:00 – 10:40am AEST
Tues 11 Sept 2:00 – 2:40pm AEST
Registration link

QLD Dept of Ed
Thurs 13 Sept, 10.30am-11.10am AEST
Registration link

Non-state school staff will need to email the Department of Education’s Cybersafety and Reputation Management team for registration details.

WA Dept of Ed
Thurs 13 Sept 1:00pm – 12:40pm AEST 11.00 – 11.40 AM WST
Registration link

Weds 12 Sept 3:00pm – 3:40pm AEST 1:00pm – 1:40pm WST / 2:30pm – 3:10pm NT
Registration link

For more information: https://esafety.gov.au/education-resources/outreach/virtual-classrooms