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Reframing parenting to improve child wellbeing

Improving children’s outcomes means supporting parents, and we know how much parenting matters.


This workshop is based on research conducted by the Frameworks Institute and commissioned by the Parenting Research Centre (PRC), which looks at how we need to change (reframe) the way we think and talk about parenting - to better engage parents and get the support they need.
The research uncovered some common (and unhelpful) beliefs about parenting in Australia and has provided some powerful new strategies that can help change the conversations.

The workshop will review the research and cover the following:
  • What is framing, and what does it mean for how we tell our stories?
  • How does the public think about parenting, children and families in Australia – and how can we change this?
  • How can we reduce blame and stigma?
  • What are some practical ways to apply these powerful insights in our everyday work? 

2.5hrs, 01:30 PM ACST - 04:00 PM ACST

WINNGATE centre, NAPCAN office (NT)
  • Junction of Hickman St and Winnellie Road
  • Winnellie
  • Darwin
  • 0820
  • Australia
  • Free
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