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National Child Protection Week Posters 2022

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The National Child Protection Week posters for 2022 have been created to represent the theme “Every child in every community needs a fair go”. Beautiful artwork received from children across Australia shows the incredible diversity in thought and representation of community.

Poster 1 (Honeycomb Poster)
This design represents our 2022 focus of creating a safe and supportive environment for every child. The honeycomb signifies a safe, strong structure within which we can sit together supporting each other. Within this safe structure, the differing shapes of the honeycomb represent and emphasise “every child in every community”

Poster 2
The artworks on this poster were produced by the children and staff of Ronald McDonald House Charities Western Australia (RMHC WA) in collaboration with Dandjoo Darbalung – an Indigenous Support Program at St. Catherine’s Tertiary College in Western Australia. Young people from the Dandjoo Darbalung program facilitated the family crest artwork with the children at RMHC WA, teaching them the meaning of a variety of Indigenous symbols. The children, including patients and their siblings, then designed a representation of their family using traditional Noongar symbols and the colours of the Noongar seasons. The students who created the artwork are the children of regional Western Australian families – both First Nations and non-Indigenous.