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New poster launched by NAPCAN & CoLab - Putting children first

  • Helen Fogarty
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“Putting children first means making sure that every neighbourhood in the country has what kids need to thrive and be healthy – including supportive adults, high-quality child care, safe places to play & learn, community & belonging, secure housing,  and well-supported parents.” 

This is the key message of a new poster launched today by NAPCAN and CoLab for National Child Protection Week.

The message is supported by the Core Story of Early Childhood Development in Australia research conducted by the FrameWorks Institute and CoLab.

The research shows that we can use social science research to make sure that we are communicating in the most effective ways and to supercharge our efforts to support all Australian children and families.

The research was presented as part of National Child Protection Week at a free webinar today by Dr Nat Kendall-Taylor, CEO FrameWorks Institute US, and Professor Donna Cross, Director CoLab.

The poster is designed to support conversations about how we can build communities that help children to thrive, and features an artwork created by the kids at C&K Kedron, ages 4-5. Here’s what they had to say about their artwork:

“This was a collaboration of our Kindergarten children discussing things that they love about Australia. Each child drew their own ideas to create a stunning collaborative piece. Ideas regarding how our homes have electricity, family and friends, cars that drive on roads and planes, and how rainbows make us happy. I hope you enjoy our collaborative piece as much as we do.”

Download the poster here.

For more information about the new framing research and how best to communicate about child development visit the CoLab website.