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National Child Protection Week is coordinated by NAPCAN starting on Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September (1-7 September 2019).

The aim of the week is to engage members of the community in supporting families and protecting children.

2019 THEME

In 2019 National Child Protection Week focus on introducing a ‘child development’ communication frame to promote the messages that:

  • Kids do well when parents are supported
  • To raise thriving kids, parents need support to navigate life’s choppy waters


This theme is based on evidence from the Frameworks Institute research commissioned by the Parenting Research Centre, which shows us the most effective way to talk about parenting and child wellbeing is with a ‘child development’ frame that:

  • Focuses on children and what they need to thrive, rather than blaming or evaluating parenting
  • Establishes the importance of interaction with parents and caregivers to child development, rather than assuming that young children simply grow
  • Helps people see that circumstances shape options, rather than assuming that good parenting comes naturally to individuals
  • Uses a ‘navigating waters’ metaphor where boats represent families/parenting, weather/hazards represents the circumstances that can affect us all, and lighthouses and safe harbours represent the support that we all need.

Changing the way we communicate and engage with families can take time and consideration.

This is a whole new way of ‘framing’ the conversation about child well being and parenting, which will require a long term commitment from Australian organisations.

The following resource is designed to help you use the new research to communicate and engage parents:

National Child Protection Week Q&A Forums

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