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Love Bites Modules Adaptation Training

Modules Adaptation Training: For people who have completed the 2.5 Day Love Bites (Trauma-Informed) facilitator training within the last 2 years who are working in the out of school setting and are looking for support in using the Modules resources. This training is not mandatory in order to use the Modules, however, it can be helpful in preparing you in their use, and in looking at localisations for the particular needs of your group of youth.


Modules Adaptation Training

Length: 3 hours

Delivery Mode: face-to-face

About: The Standalone Modules have been developed in the NT over 2018-2020 in response to regular requests for materials that support staff working with youth in out of school settings (not for mainstream classroom use), to help them to engage youth in valuable ‘learning moments’. They make use of existing Love Bites and Love Bites Junior materials, along with other publicly available respectful relationships resources. The modules are currently being trialled across various states and settings. The Love Bites intensive and multi-sessional formats allow for delivery that is scaffolded and reaffirming of all the messages learnt throughout the program.  However, there are times when the ability to deliver in these formats is not possible.  Where scaffolding of activities cannot occur, the Standalone modules provide activities for short conversations that are designed for the trauma-informed context.

Suitable contexts include:

  • Youth Centres
  • Youth Diversion
  • Youth Detention
  • Residential Care
  • Youth Refuges
  • Group Programs
  • Re-engagement/ Flexible Learning Centres
  • 1-1 or small group Counselling


  • To provide a platform for youth who wouldn't otherwise have appropriate conversations about relationships
  • To increase access to respectful relationships sessions and information at times when they need it
  • To enable adults to be confident and equipped in engaging youth in learning moments
  • To provide a safe, trauma-informed environment to discuss relationships
  • To introduce young people to local service providers and support
  • To provide activities more suitable for 1-1 and small group settings
  • To provide the tools for short 1-2-hour sessions, which can be used as a single topic or in conjunction with other topics

Topics covered in Training:

     1) Introduction to the Modules:

          - Why they were created

          - Settings they’re designed for use in

          - Trauma-informed inclusions

     2) Overview of each module and experience some key activities from each Module

     3) Ideas for modifications or additional resources needed

     4) General Q and A


*Note the pre-requisite for this is participants would have completed the 2.5 day Love Bites training (Trauma-Informed)