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Get Involved/Attend Event. National Child Protection Week 2019

Children need us to work together to help them thrive.

This year we’ve made it easier than ever to support National Child Protection Week (1-7 September 2019).

To make National Child Protection Week a success, we rely on our partners (i.e. YOU) to reach as many people as possible.

Scroll down to find the resources and information you need to support National Child Protection Week 1-7 September 2019

Use the table below to find the communication tools that work best for you, your organisation, and your audience … posters, social media, newsletter stories, logos, videos, events, activity sheets … mix ‘n’ match to create your perfect National Child Protection Week.

Social MediaOrder PostersKids ActivitiesEventsMedia Kit

Easy things you can do right now to get involved

Pledge your support for the campaign

Just submit your logo and a few words about how you will support National Child Protection Week – it’s that easy!

We’ll feature your pledge with your organisation’s logo on our website.

Sign up for our newsletter

Sign up now to receive regular updates including links to resources.

Use our logos and banners

Pop them on your email signature, your website, or National Child Protection Week resources. Left click to open the full sized banners.

Left click to download full-size versions.

Like and share our social media

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (NAPCAN_AU). Use the hashtags #ncpw, #ncpw19 and #playyourpart.

Create your own social media posts

Suggested posts to use with the images:

– To raise thriving kids, parents need support to navigate life’s choppy waters #ncpw #playyourpart

– Parenting can be like navigating waters #ncpw

– Let’s all help to create the lighthouses and safe harbours that families and children need #playyourpart #ncpw

– Get involved with National Child Protection Week https://www.napcan.org.au/ncpw-get-involved-2/ #ncpw

Featuring children and young people’s artwork from the National Child Protection Week art competition.

To support National Child Protection Week further, we have a few more things you can do to get involved:

Display Posters

To be sent free copies of our posters, click on the thumbnails.

Learn more about the research behind this year’s theme

‘Children thrive when their parents are well supported’

Check out the Toolkit for using the Navigating Waters: Talking About Parenting research

Activities For Children

Great for anyone who has a child in their life. Click the thumbnail for a downloadable PDF.

List your events on our calendar

No matter how big or how small, we’d love to include your events and activities on our National Child Protection Week calendar. All you have to do is enter a few details into our form.

You can get involved with National Child Protection Week by helping us spread the word

Publish an article in your newsletter

To make it as easy as possible, we’ve drafted an article that you can use as it is… or get inspired and spice it up with your own ideas and experiences.

Get some media attention!

If you have an event or project that helps to support children, National Child Protection Week is a great opportunity to promote your work. Use our draft media content to get you started. Or contact NAPCAN for quotes, comments or interviews.

NAPCAN is promoting a series of key events throughout Australia to highlight the messages of National Child Protection Week.

NAPCAN runs official events in all capital cities. They are full of new info and a great way to connect with others in our sector.

Save the date for official National Child Protection Week events as follows. Booking links are being added as available.

– Friday 30 August: Townsville, QLD – Book now

– Monday 2 September: Canberra, ACT – Book now ***BOOKED OUT

– Monday 2 September: Darwin, NT – Book now

– Tuesday 3 September: Sydney, NSW – ***BOOKED OUT

– Tuesday 3 September: Alice Springs, NT – Book now

– Wednesday 4 September: Hobart, TAS – Book now

Wednesday 4 September: Melbourne, VIC – Book now ***BOOKED OUT

Thursday 5 September: Brisbane, QLD – Book now

Friday 6 September: Adelaide, SA – Book now

Friday 6 September: Perth, WA – Book now ***BOOKED OUT

Friday 6 September: Bundaberg, QLD – Book now

Accept our sincere thanks!

As a National Child Protection Week supporter, you’re part of a movement to improve child wellbeing for all Australian children. It’s the little things we do every day that can make a big difference… let’s work together to make every day about protecting children.