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Art Competition Submission 2022 – The Kozy Kids Children from Adelaide


The children at Kozy Kids Glenside worked together in each room and participated in expressing their sense of belonging, teamwork, communication skills though suggesting ideas and exploring creativity.
The educators and children sat down during group times and discussed their surroundings, what they like most about their neighbourhood, their safety and where they visit with family and friends.

Waratah Room (6 weeks – 2 years)
The Waratah babies enjoyed painting the sky and grass and got messy with sensory play. They created the sky and grass as they enjoy spending their time outdoors watching the sky and being immersed in the grass.

Paperbark Room (2 years-4 years)
The children in the Pre Kindy-Paperbark room created individual pieces of art by using their hands to create branches and collected leaves from outside in the garden to represent growth within the neighbourhood.

Kindy Room (4years +)
Kindy educators and children discussed the neighbourhood and what it has to offer. The Kindy used recycled paper to make their dream houses surrounded by fences and a school and playground. The Kindy children suggested to add clouds and sun in the sky using cotton balls for the clouds and orange paper for the sun.

This was a whole centre effort, and the children at Kozy Kids Glenside are happy with the masterpiece they’ve created and the result.