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Art Competition Submission 2022 – from Red Hill

QLD _ Throughout this process the children discussed how we can be safe in our environment both at kindy and in our homes or out and about in our neighbourhood and at our Bush Kindy. We created our neighbourhood each designing things we felt were important in our neighbourhood. We did houses, our Bush kindy space, local services, cars, trees, flowers, traffic lights etc. W are so proud of our end result.

The Kindergarten children of 2022 were asked how could they improve their community? What makes them happy? What makes them feel safe? Their responses were to put in more parks, to care for the natural environment and to add infrastructure that brings more people: places like cafes and pools. The children also wanted to provide beds, couches, foods and shelter to the people who need them most. The children drew and painted their responses into a collaborative floor book over the course of a month. We then used their artwork to create a mixed media collage, adding photos of important places in our community. The artwork forms a map of places that are significant to us, and includes the children’s definition of community: The place where the people are.